How to Play this Web Version

Games are listed by date and game number. A link to the latest games are on the home page, or alternatively you can use the search facility to find appropriate games. Use this function to play older games or find games of a certain level. You may initially only want to play the easy games, and as you get better then play the hard or Carol beaters.

When you have found the game you want to play, click on the date link.

The game will start and you will be given six numbers and the target to find. After the target is given, a clock will count down the thirty seconds solve time. If you don't want to wait the full thirty seconds, you can click on the clock at any time to see the results.

When the time is up, up to four answers will be shown.
These are firstly the values achieved by the contestants.
If neither got the answer exactly, then Carol's answer will be shown.
If Carol did not get it either, then the best answer possible calculated by a computer will be shown.

The answer will only show the actual number achieved and not the method for getting to it. This allows you to continue trying to solve it after the clock has finished. To see how the number was made, click on the answer. This will then show the line by line breakdown. When finished click again to go back to the answer summary.

Use the previous and next links at the bottom of the page to play other games. If you used the search to only find games of a specific difficulty, then these links will move you to the next matchning game.

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